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New UC Cosmology Center Announced  December 4, 2007





George Smoot describes the function and scope of the new Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics

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Steven Hawking hosts a 25 year anniversary conference at the University of Cambridge in conjunction with launch of his new Centre for Theoretical Cosmology.
December 17-20, 2007

"In 1982 we held a workshop on the very early universe in Cambridge. This was a time of great excitement in the field. Inflation had just been proposed as a possible answer to some of the problems of the Hot Big Bang model, but it was not clear how it would work or what its observational consequences might be...On the 25th anniversary of that historic workshop it seems appropriate to review the inflationary model, consider new theoretical developments, compare observations and contrast with other scenarios for the very early universe." Stephen Hawking

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October 21-24, 2007

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Festival 2007 promotes creativity at the scientific and social level. A record number of Nobel laureates and other distinguished leaders from around the world participated in Festival 2007.



 2007 Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society, California Section  October 26-27, 2007  Lawrence Berkeley National Lab



May 2007

Berkeley Lab physicist George Smoot and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, discuss the parameters of science and politics during the annual Nobel Laureates Capitol Hill Day in Washington, DC.  Dr. Smoot joined four of his 2006 Nobel Prize-winning colleagues to deliver a strong message to the House and Senate about the importance of science and scientific achievement to America's vitality.

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View the Hearing of the 2006 Nobel Laureates: Science, Technology, and Innovation on the US Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation website






2006 Nobel Laureates add their names to the Nobel Monument in New York

Photo Gallery at the Nobel Monument Inscription Ceremony June 2007



In June, Dr. Smoot attended the inaugural events of the Institute of Advanced Cosmology in Mexico. Discussions about creating a cosmology research center with colleagues there culminated in the formation of the new Institute, in addition to planned education and outreach programs. Inaugural events included a press conference announcement with IAC lead scientist Axel de la Macorra, science and cultural activities, discussions about opportunities in cosmology and work force development, and visits to Teotihuacan and the National Museum of Anthropology. Smoot's visit and lecture was enthusiastically received by many guests and students that were delighted to have the Nobelist participate in the institute's inauguration. Read about it in Internacional newspaper (in Spanish).

The BCCP and its partner IAC will sponsor an annual cosmology school and workshop on the beach for graduate students and post doctoral scholars: Cosmologia en la Playa / Cosmology at the Beach


Dr. Smoot lectures at Fermilab on "Relics of Creation: The Big Bang, The COBE Satellite & Cosmic Microwave Background."   View lecture here




April 2007  QUEST, KQED’s new multimedia series about the people behind San Francisco Bay Area science and how their work is changing the world, featured Berkeley Lab Nobel Laureate George Smoot on the "Origin of the Universe."




Celebrating a Star among Stars

With new Nobelist George Smoot grabbing a front-row step, famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking gives a talk for astronomy and physics students at UC Berkeley in a packed LeConte lecture hall.

Hawking delivered a sold-out Zellerbach Hall talk March 13 on the origins of the universe. View webcast of event. Read more here.  UC Press release.

"Hawking is out of this world"  SF Gate article.

Photo by Steve McConnell/UC NewsCenter

Brief clips of Hawking Oppenheimer lecture:

CMB as evidence of early universe 1

CMB as evidence of early universe 2

Hubble expansion of the universe

The nature of time

Steady State Theory


George Smoot lectured on his Nobel Prize winning research at The Berkeley Repertory Theater on March 5, 2007. Watch Video   Listen to talk   More photos by Roy Kaltschmidt of LBNL